NYC Attractions, Hotels & Restaurants

NYC Attractions, Hotels & Restaurants

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Can You Pass the New York Test?

Can You Pass the New York Test?

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New Years 2018

New Years 2018

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NY Times Square

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, and Entertainment when you visit New York City

NY Times Square Post is an online resource covering all things happening in the heart of New York.  We are the heart of the city and take pride in providing great entertainment while keeping a positive and clean – because of our environmental responsibility.  In other words, we are in the mix trying to find places, deals, restaurants, shopping, and exciting things to do.

Plan Your Trip to New York Properly

If you are planning on visiting, you would benefit from a plan to help you navigate and a few extra things to make this a worthwhile experience.  Food is expensive, places are crowded, and you can easily waste time.  With a high number of people flowing through the area, it is best to know ahead.

5 Ways to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

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